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Help RNG beat Dementia

The Regenerative Neuroscience Group is pioneering a radical new treatment to beat dementia based on a person’s own stem cells.

In brief, our animal research has shown that we can:

  • Grow stem cells from a small skin biopsy.
  • Convert these stem cells into neurons (brain cells) in a dish.
  • Transplant these cells into the brains of old rats.
  • The cells survive, mature and integrate into the animal’s brain circuits.
  • The animal’s memory recovers from impaired to normal.
    We are therefore very excited about the potential for this research. The next step is to replicate many of these results using human skin tissue. For this reason we have joined forces with leadings surgeons from around Sydney.
    You can learn more about this exciting project by watching our short film below.


    What your contribution will go towards

    Our objective is to raise $250,000 for this project. These funds will go towards:

  • Training a new early career scientist.
  • Purchasing specialised equipment for growing and studying stem cells.
  • Communicating results to fellow scientists and the general public.
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    All donations are also tax deductible.

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    To lodge your contribution
    Please fill in the PDF (please save first) donation form and either:
    1. Email to: with subject title “I want to Beat Dementia”


    2. Print and mail to:

    Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela
    Regenerative Neuroscience Group
    Brain and Mind Research Institute
    94 Mallet St
    Camperdown NSW 2050
    Any more questions?

    Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela would be more than happy to answer your questions. You can contact him onmichaels email

    or arrange a phone call via Aileen Lowe on 02 9114 4136.

    About the Movie
    This movie was directed, filmed and produced by International Film School Sydney graduate and rising star Anna Nørskov Henriksen. See more of her work here.