Jun 212012

What is the LEQ?

The LEQ is a questionnaire designed to assess an older person’s cognitive lifestyle.  Cognitive lifestyle refers to a person’s lifelong habits of engaging in complex mental activities.

The LEQ divides a person’s life into three stages – young adulthood, middle age and late life stages.  Questions about educational, occupational, mental, social and leisure activities are asked in relation to each of these life stages.

Why is Cognitive Lifestyle important?

From a brain health perspective, a number of studies have linked participation in complex mental activities with reduced dementia risk. Mental activity has a number of positive effects on the brain – from the level of the individual cell, to overall brain connectivity and performance.

What’s the LEQ for?

The LEQ is being used in the 4Nations Study to determine how cognitive lifestyle patterns vary in the Australian community and in different populations around the world.

LEQ and the Brain

RNG has found that an active cognitive lifestyle, as measured by the LEQ, predicts a slower rate of hippocampal atrophy in older individuals – see link to paper.

Has the LEQ been scientifically validated?

Yes. We have published our validation study in the following international peer-reviewed scientific journal: M. Valenzuela & P. Sachdev. Assessment of complex mental activity across the lifespan: development of the Lifetime of Experiences Questionnaire (LEQ). Psychological Medicine (2007) 37:1015-1025

Interested in Translating the LEQ or using it in your research?

The LEQ has already been translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Greek and is currently being used in a number of studies.

If you are interested in using it in your research, it is available in a number of formats:

  1. LEQ online: administer it over the internet, and we can send you complete data in electronic format.
  2. LEQ automatic reader form: administer this particular paper form that can be read automatically using our OPSCAN machine, and then we send you the data electronically. Suitable for large cohorts.
  3. LEQ Word version: you administer the LEQ in the format of your choice. We will send you the scoring algorithm to convert responses to scores and sub-scores.

Contact us for further information.