May 222012

Cate is a registered organisational psychologist with extensive experience in talent management, with a focus on recruitment and selection, assessment and development, team building and leadership coaching in both the public and private sectors. Her broad knowledge and expertise has been gained through consulting to public and private sector organisations in a wide variety of industries including Government, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Education and the Aged Care Services sector.

Cate has researched and developed innovative products to fill gaps in the talent management market, including Technical Skills Dictionaries, Talent Dashboards, the Job Motivation Questionnaire and the Corporate Values Questionnaire.

Cate holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of New South Wales, where she is currently completing her PhD in enhancing work productivity through technological interventions.  She is certified to administer many psychometric instruments and psychological interventions, and is a longstanding member of the Australian Human Resources Institute, College of Organisational Psychologists and Australian Psychological Society.

Cate’s PhD applies proven neuroscientific principles to workplace productivity enhancement through the Mental Wealth study.  She is particularly interested in the well being of people at work.  By improving their overall quality of life through workplace interventions such as brain training, employers will also benefit through the flow on effects of a happy,  satisfied workforce.