Jun 122012

Aileen received a Bachelor of Engineering (Bioinformatics) from the University of NSW in 2006.  Having a strong interest in the fields of embryology and developmental biology she took up a position in an IVF clinic.  During this time she developed a strong passion for human embryonic stem cell research.  Looking for a challenge and to further develop her career in the stem cell field, she returned to UNSW  in 2009,  joining the Regenerative Neuroscience Group. Here under the guidance and Supervision of A/Prof Michael Valenzuela and A/Prof Kuldip Sidhu her PhD project involved investigating and characterising adult canine neuroprecursors from both skin and brain.  She hopes that her work will bring us closer to curing doggie dementia and in time the human form of the disease.

Aileen describes the Regenerative Neuroscience group and her PhD project as the best thing that has happened to her-  as it has allowed her to study what she loves as well as travel, presenting at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally during her candidature.

Whilst the majority of her time is spent in a lab coat at a bench, she very much enjoys anything outdoors and loves hanging out with her best mate Charlie the dog in her spare time.